Fyza and Sonia Ali are Sisters from Dubai — Makeup and Fashion Expert

2 min readDec 26, 2020


Fyza and Sonia Ali studied in UK for most their life then later went back to Kuwait before settling in Dubai. Fyza known for their makeup and fashion. fyza is a makeup artist for celebrities and royals. Sonia is a beauty blogger and have been in the industry for several years.

Fyza & Sonia (soniaxfyza) based in Dubai, most of their family and friends are in Kuwait and Dubai. They both studied English and Sonia Ali studied law.

Fyza Ali became well known in London, UK during her studying days because she did make up for London fashion week models. Bridal work in the UK catered for both Middle East and south Asian women. They became a social media phenomenon when they started posting their makeup tips and recreating makeup looks. When they started social media they were the first in the Middle East region to do it hence why their popularity was high since it was new and taboo for Middle Eastern women. They later paved the way for most Middle Eastern influencers in the region.

Fyza Ali is the creator of the world wide famous “buffing technique” that has been used by celebrity makeup artists and everyone. She founded this technique in 2014 in a London makeup class.

Fyza & Sonia both sisters are influential in their fitness and skin care. They are known for their small physiques and flawless makeup. Fyza always encourages women to try new things with beauty and is also very open with her journey on fillers and Botox. Reminding women it’s okay to be enhanced as long as it done correctly and safely. ”